John Eggen, Publisher and President,
Mission Publishing, A division of
The Mission Marketing Mentors, Inc.

Susan Kendrick
Susan Kendrick, President and Co-Founder of Write To Your Market, Inc., Creator of
the Book Cover Coaching blog

“John Eggen gives new authors and experts what they ask for most—a tested, systematic approach for publishing a book that starts making money for you as soon as you begin writing it.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the professionals who turn to John for guidance, and overwhelmingly they go on to become among the most successful and profitable experts in their fields.

“I am thrilled this mini-course is now available so that anyone can give their book and their reputation this same start.”

Welcome Susan and Graham’s blog readers…

"My free mini-course will teach you
the steps to create a book that
attracts new clients and generates
multiple income streams as
few as 90 days, guaranteed."

  • 15 brief lessons by email, once a day
  • 5 ways to profit big before even writing the book
  • Create your first book draft in 9 hours or less
  • Get your message out to the world…and attract all the new clients you want
  • Create multiple income streams…in up and down economies

Here’s What Others Say
About this Mini-Course:

“I’m on lots of lists but John’s stands out above the rest. Real insider secrets and in such depth. The sort of stuff you would normally have to pay for. Thank you!”

Allison O’Neill
Author of The Boss Benchmark

“I’ve definitely taken this advice to heart. After the course, we published 8 books. This has led to a lot of exciting new opportunities. If I can do it, anyone can ;-)”

Susan Daffron
Author, Publisher & Software Developer

“John’s lessons are very savvy and very generous. I appreciate both.”

Doug Hedlund
Financial Expert

“This e-course is incredible! I’m writing three books and referring to it as I write.”

Joshua Zuchter
Business Consultant and Speaker

“This course is awesome for anyone who wants a book for promoting themselves or their business. I just completed a new book.”

Debbie Happy Cohen
Author of Reach Your Stars

“These ideas are ‘bang-on’ for me. I have written university text books before, but never written a book for managers. I look at the course lessons as soon as they arrive. Thank you.”

Ken Clowes
Management Consultant

“I am impressed by the wealth of practical how-to information!”

Frode Odegard
CEO, Lean Software Institute

“I took one idea from this course and got 50 orders from 80 participants. Not too shabby from a book that doesn’t even exist yet. My business has doubled this quarter in direct relation to the book promotion. I’ve had money thrust at me.”

Susan V. Phillips
Certified Interior Decorator

“When it comes to publishing and marketing leverage, I know of no better expert than John Eggen.  John knows his stuff better than anyone I’ve met.  In addition, he’s both a man of action and a man of integrity. I have been involved in John’s fast-start publishing programs, and so have 213 of my clients.  I endorse John and his programs highly."

Robert Middleton,
Action Plan Marketing