How to successfully write a client-attracting transformational book -- FAST 

Would you like me to personally create your custom-tailored plan to successfully write a truly transformational book 10X faster than otherwise, one that makes you a highly sought-after expert and speaker, attracts high quality clients and sells your high-end programs?

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John Eggen

Transformational Publishing
and Marketing Mentor

From the desk of John Eggen 

Hello fellow coach, consultant, or other professional.  

Do you have a yearning to write a book that positively impacts people and adds revenue to your business, but haven't done it because you lack the time, know-how or confidence to do it?

If so, I’d like to invite you to meet with me personally so I can help you accomplish exactly that – with no cost or risk to you whatsoever.

Hello, my name is John Eggen.

For more than 40 years, I’ve been helping professionals with a sincere calling to help and transform others, to write a high-quality book that dramatically increases their reach, their positive impact, and their revenues.  

 “If you want results, John Eggen has my highest recommendation."

Mark Victor Hansen Co-creator, #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul #1 New York Times bestseller One Minute Millionaire  

Before you read on, let me emphasize that I’m talking about a “high-quality book” – one that you will be proud to put your name on.  

The kind of book you see on the New York Times best seller list.  

The kind of book that will positively impact and transform the lives of the people or organizations you serve.  

The kind of book that elevates your stature and credibility in your market and is equally designed from the get-go to attract high-quality clients to your premium products and services.  

I have to tell you … creating this kind of book and marketing strategy isn’t easy to do on your own – especially if you’ve never done it before.  

But don’t worry.  

I and my team have had the good fortune to help thousands of people do it successfully over the years. We've developed a proprietary system that is proven to work.  

The system will work for you whether you’re a first-time or repeat author; whether you’ve had any prior success marketing a book or not.  

Best of all, it will work for you even if you think you don’t have the time, expertise or notoriety to be successful.  

And that’s why, if you are serious about writing a high-quality book that not only gets your message out, but also elevates your brand, positively impacts your market and grows your business or practice as quickly and effectively as possible…  

And if you want to get your book written and published super-fast…  

I invite you to join me on a call to let me help you create an exclusive and custom-tailored action plan for you.

Here's how it works

When we talk, I’ll walk you through a structured process that will come up with an excellent, custom-tailored, 3-part plan for you. We call it an “Exploratory Interview.”  

I use an extended version of this same process with clients who have gladly paid many thousands of dollars to work with me as a private client, or who participate in my special book training and coaching programs.  

First, we’ll get clear on the vision and goals you have for your book. We’ll imagine from the end, and look at everything you’d like to create from your book – the kind of positive impact you want it to make…the personal, professional and financial outcomes you want, and by when you want those things.  

Next we’ll look at what challenges or obstacles are in the way from making this happen.  

Then, I’ll draw upon my 40+ years of experience and expertise to outline a plan that realizes your specific goals and vision in the fastest and most effective way possible, based on your specific circumstances, goals and timeline.  

Keep in mind, our book authoring and marketing system is comprehensive. There are a number of strategies that you could learn about and try to implement. 

But, the fastest and most effective way to reach your specific goals will be to identify only a few key strategies that can get you the results you want - without wasting your energy, time or money.  

Once this plan is outlined, we can explore which of our programs and services could best help you implement the plan, or we can recommend other next steps for you.  

Whether or not you and I decide to work together, the plan I outline for you will give you the clarity and empowerment you need to know exactly what to do next to become a published author who’s getting your message out there the way you’ve imagined, and getting the big benefits you want from having your book.  

With this plan in mind, you’ll have the critical steps you need to write a book ideally suited for you, one that can actually accomplish the goals you have for it and get it done about 10X faster than you otherwise would.  

Just imagine the feeling of confidence that that clarity will give you. And how fulfilling it’ll be to put the plan into action and get your book written and published easily and quickly. Then you’ll enjoy getting the positive attention in your marketplace that new book authors get. Invitations to speak and present. Clients who rush to work with you. Filling your high-end programs. Feeling like you’re finally doing what you’re meant to do!  

It all starts with this Exploratory Interview.  

A $1,000 value, free for you

The regular fee for this 60 minute session is $1,000, but you may be eligible for a 100% waiver of the fee. Let me explain why I’d even be willing to waive this fee… There are two very good reasons: The first is that I want to “pay it forward” and empower and inspire as many other conscious professionals, entrepreneurs and other leaders as possible to share their knowledge or wisdom and make their greatest positive impact in the world. These valuable sessions allow me to do that. Second, to be fully transparent, it’s through these Exploratory Interviews that I find my best clients. You see, at the end of the conversation, many people finally see how to reach their goals, and believe they can -- sometimes for the first time. And they recognize that, given our excellent, long-term track record, my team and I can help them reach their goals a lot more effectively, at less cost, and much faster. Since crafting the plan will have also made me familiar with their business, goals and resources, I can easily assess whether, and how, we can actually help them. If we can, we accept them either as private clients, or into one of our special programs to help them write, publish and promote their book. But remember, whether or not we work together, you’ll still have a clear, actionable path to writing your book that positions you with authority in your market, gets your message into the world, attracts new clients, and multiplies your revenues.

This is not for everybody; here’s who I can help...

Of course, I’d love to be able to work with anyone who needs my help. But we’re a boutique firm, and we only allocate a certain amount of time on my calendar for these calls. And, truthfully, this process isn’t going to help everyone. So we want to be sure we’re offering it to people who are most likely to benefit from it. As it turns out, we’ve identified four criteria for the people that we can help best. If you meet these criteria, I’d encourage you to apply for the call because it can really help you:


First, you have a genuine commitment to write and publish your book now, so it’s definitely out in the world working for you within 3 to 12 months from today.


Second, you have a book idea or ideas you’ve already started writing about. Maybe it’s just a few words, but you are not just thinking about it – you’ve taken some action on your dream already.  


Third, you’re not so far down the path of writing your book that it has already been professionally edited. That way it’s not too late to structure the book correctly.


Fourth, you believe enough in your message or mission, and understand enough about the superb leverage a book will give you, to have committed the money needed to do it properly.

The strategies we’ll outline in your action plan are not the “get rich quick” or “fly by night” shortcuts that many people succumb to. They are business-building strategies for serious businesses and professional practices. So they'll require some investment to write, publish and promote the book.  

If we decide to work together, we have a number of programs and services to help people with different needs to do that, many of which are surprisingly affordable.

That said, our strategies have proven to generate exponential returns. In fact, we teach people how to make money from the book – even before it’s published

So if you’re highly motivated to get your book done now, and meet the criteria I just mentioned, I encourage you to apply for this Exploratory Interview now.  

When you apply, you’ll be presented with an online calendar where you can book a short prep call with Robbi, my coordinator.  

During this call, Robbi will review your goals, and ensure you have all the resources you need and are fully prepared to get the most from a session with me.  

Availability is limited, so act now if you’re eligible

Please keep in mind that because these are one-on-one meetings with me personally, I’m only able to allocate time for a few of these each month. Availability is therefore limited, and they do get booked quickly.

So if you are motivated to write your book and grow your business, but you haven’t known how, or don’t think you have the time to do it, or even doubt that you can write a book at all…

If you want clarity on the processes, systems and strategies to write a truly transformational book fast, and you’re ready to reach and serve more people, make more impact and grow your business…

I encourage you to apply for a free Exploratory Interview today.

You’ll have a clear action plan, possibly for the first time ever, tailored perfectly for your unique situation, that eliminates all these challenges.

Now imagine the confidence that clarity will give you and feel how fulfilling it will be to put the plan into action and get your book written and published easily and quickly.

See yourself enjoying all that positive attention in your marketplace that new book authors get. Invitations to speak and present.

Clients who rush to work with you. Filling your high-end programs. Feeling like you’re finally doing what you’re meant to do!

It’s not a pipe dream. I’ve been helping people do this for decades. And it’s possible for you, too.

It all starts with this Exploratory Interview.

Ok, I’ve done my best to make this session as valuable as possible for you, and removed the cost, risk or obligation completely.

Now it’s up to you.

If this is resonating, and you’re excited by the possibilities, don’t delay -- apply for your free Exploratory Interview today.  

See what others say

“If you want results, John Eggen has my highest recommendation. Innovation and ‘think-outside-the-box’ marketing make business happen. John knows how to make that happen.”  

Mark Victor Hansen Co-creator, #1 New York Times bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul & One Minute Millionaire

“John has extensive experience developing books, audio programs and other information products. He has my highest recommendation.”  

Robert G. Allen Author of 5 New York Times bestsellers

“I used the book to bring in $215,000 in new business during the first 12 months after it was printed. I’m well on track to more than doubling my income in the coming year. I attribute this directly to my book, since it established me as an expert, and to the tactics John teaches to get business quickly.”  

Karilee Wirthlin - Independent Professional

“Now we are viewed as being ‘in a different league than the competition’ and real estate brokerages are more willing to give us time to make presentations at their group meetings. John’s program is priceless. It is the best investment we have ever made.”  

Bonnie Dell & Marty MacPhail – Independent Professionals

“I wrote my book within 30 days of joining the program. The biggest benefit by far is the new level of respect that people show when I say I’ve written a book. I know with absolute certainty that without John’s program I would still be trying to write Chapter 1.”  

Jo Ann Rotermund - Independent Professional  

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